Planning for Mobile Business

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18th October - Leeds

As part of our latest Security First strategy, we’re focusing on Mobile Business and how to keep your organisation safe across mobile devices, multiple locations and a mobile workforce. Join us at The Everyman Cinema, Leeds on 18th October!

What’s in it for me?

Cyber-Security – Avoid becoming the next statistic

Speakers from organisations you know and trust, including Cisco, HyTrust, Pcysys

Deep-Dive Workshop on Automated Pen-testing – Next generation stuff!

Affordable security – How you can prevent cost being a barrier to protecting your organisation

Complimentary networking lunch

The optional afternoon session includes a deep dive into automated penetration testing, and how you can consume security as a service.


Morning Session:

09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome & Introduction

10:10 Defence in Depth: Benefits of a layered security approach

10:40 Keeping your business safe in the cloud: Data encryption with HyTrust

11:00 Breach Prevention: Cisco AMP

11:20 BREAK

11:40 Protection beyond your network: Cisco Umbrella

12:00 Making data more secure: Automated Pen Testing from Pcysys

12:20 Summary: Delivering Defence in Depth

12:30 LUNCH

Afternoon Session (optional):

13:15 Mimicking the hackers mind: Deep dive workshop with PCYSYS

14:45 CLOSE

Italik have built a strong portfolio of services and solutions that tackle security challenges through knowledge and understanding, as well as mission critical technology.

Our services have been developed to provide your organisation with a helpful assessment of your current security posture, giving you guidance and consultancy for you to address priority areas for response, and ongoing best practices to put Security First.



HyTrust Data Control

HyTrust DataControl secures multi-cloud workloads throughout their lifecycle. Manage workloads and encryption keys from a central location to reduce complexity, and help comply with regulations such as the GDPR. DataControl works with leading local and public cloud platforms, including hyperconvergence and storage solutions.

DataControl provides granular encryption for better multi-cloud security. The protection boundary does not stop at the hypervisor or at the data store; VMs are individually encrypted. Inside the VM, unique keys can be assigned to encrypt individual partitions, including the boot (OS) disk.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defence against Internet based threats and protects your users in minutes. The Cisco Umbrella is a next generation web filtering service that works at the DNS level.

Cisco AMP

Created for Endpoints, AMP covers breach prevention, detection, response, and remediation for the real world. Hackers are creating advanced malware that can evade even the best prevention tools, like antivirus and intrusion prevention systems. Cisco AMP helps mitigate risk, and maximise performance.

PCYSYS - Automated Penetration Testing, with a Click of a Button

Focused on the “Inside” threat, the Pcysys automated penetration-testing platform mimics the hacker’s attack - automates the discovery of vulnerabilities and performs ethical exploits, while ensuring an undisrupted network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediations, one step ahead of tomorrow's malicious hacker.

The beauty of this solution means that you can now have a thousand Pen-testers at your service. Not on Your Payroll.

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We believe putting Security First helps businesses scale and grow and, by enabling your workforce through security, we can confidently deliver Digital Business.

As part of our commitment to Security First, we help you plan for the Modern Workplace and the evolution of technology by establishing Defence in Depth.

Because of our deep understanding of changing customer needs, we don’t just look at latest trends, but work out what’s best for you.

Our dedication to helping improve business performance, combined years of experience, and expertise in solving mission critical problems, allows us to offer real business focussed solutions to even the most complex of technology challenges.

Our priority is our customers, and ensuring they can drive sustainable growth and innovation without the worry of vulnerabilities being exploited. We promote awareness and education by Security First and are inviting you to join us on the journey of Digital Business.

Over a third of businesses have started to implement a 'Digital First' approach with many more acknowledging the evolution of the modern workplace.

With the rapid growth of new ways of working within business, explosion of IOT devices, and cyber-attacks constantly adapting and evolving, organisations must be prepared for security implications by creating a multi-layered, in-depth security approach for Digital Business.


Digital Business means enabling worker productivity through technology, to better understand and manage business performance, and measure success.

We acknowledge the new movement of modern workplaces and the opportunities it brings, and so by implementing a layered Security First approach and looking at Defence in Depth, organisations are now able to put aside security concerns and focus on driving real business growth, safely and securely.

Find out more about how to strengthen your Digital Business, enable your workforce, and start placing Security First by joining our seminar.

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